Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mickey's confectionery

I combined my favorites - Mickey Mouse, sweet stuff and of course, nails into one~!
And came up with this set of nails. Probably the first of it's kind.

*** You seen this first at SUGAR CANDY NAIL COUTURE by Chelsea~!! ***

You might have seen the Mickey Mouse ice cream previously. I did that on another set before this. I love the Mickey Mouse donut! We were thinking real hard on what to put on the last finger. It had to be something small cause of the space constraint.

We decided to do a Mickey Mouse macaroon. Eh... quite cute also right?

*like* this picture!! I'm soooo proud of myself, cause I got it right on first attempt ^^v

On a side note, I actually like Minnie mouse more than Mickey mouse.

*Done on acrylic sculpture.

ps All nail arts are hand made by me. Not ready made stickers!!